Through photography Aperto seeks to reveal something of the beauty of the world and of the things that people do & make within it. Our photographs are presented in custom editions such as books, exhibition prints, illuminated prints and archive portfolios.


The people that commission Aperto are deeply involved in the subjects they wish to have portrayed.  We love to photograph what our clients love doing and making. Some commissions that Aperto has undertaken include photographing and producing editions for:

  • A five thousand acre country estate in East Anglia

  • A biodynamic dairy & arable farm in the Weald of Sussex

  • The work of a internationally renowned designer in London & Wiltshire

  • An historic cavalcade made from London to Maranello

  • The work, people and clients of an innovative technology company in London

  • The work and people of a young and dynamic carpentry and metalwork company in Greenwich


We place great importance in the presentation of these photographs. Working closely with our clients we develop, design and make unique editions for them. Some of the custom editions we have made include:

  • Ink Infused Aluminium Panels

  • Selenium Toned Silver Halide Prints on Archival Fibre Paper

  • Illuminated Translucent Prints

  • Leather Bound Books with Gilt Covers and Edges 

  • Archive Portfolio Boxes

  • Tri-tone Books

Mock Up for an Illuminated Print

Mock Up for an Illuminated Print







The materials, machines and tools we use to make photographic editions are selected to provide the most engaging visual and tactile experience for the viewer.

Careful and considered deliberation about the process of production is undertaken with our clients. Once a set of digital and/or film-based photographs have been made from a specific project Aperto works closely with its client to produce an edition. Through clear discussion and presentation of ideas and mock-ups prior to the final edition, marvellous prints or books that can be treasured are assured. A project goes through the following phases which are broadly chronological but very much intertwined. The costs involved are broadly disussed initially and solidified during the process. Aperto is clear and open regarding all aspects of a client's project. The process is organic and flexible:

  • Initial discussions (regarding subjects, timescales and intended outcomes)
  • Light Capture (with film and/or digital cameras and on occasion with strobe lighting)
  • Editing (in studio using a variety of softwares and/or using darkroom methods)
  • Selection and Finalising
  • Print Tests
  • Edition Design
  • Mock-Ups
  • Refinement
  • Edition Production






Do feel free to contact Cameron Maynard at Aperto to discuss any ideas you may have for photography and/or editions.

Telephone: 020 3290 2933

Email: studio@apertophotos.com

Address: Eastbourne House, 2 Saxby's Lane, Lingfield, RH7 6DN


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